1934 Chevrolet

1934 Chevrolet Master and Standard

The 1934 Chevrolet Master and Standard continued Chevrolet's year-old practice of building two distinct series of cars on different wheelbase lengths. The 1934 Chevrolet Master, in fact, now measured 112 inches, two inches longer than the 1933 model. The 1934 Chevrolet Standard model remained at 107 inches.

Both models retained six-cylinder power, but modifications to the Master's 206-cubic-inch engine boosted horsepower from 65 to 80. The Standard series repeated 1933's 181-cubic-inch 60-horsepower engine.

Chevrolet's big news this year was adoption of "Knee-Action," the sealed Dubonnet type of independent front suspension. Standard equipment on the Master series, it would not be offered on Standard models for a few more years.

Master models, while retaining the previous year's styling theme, looked heavier than their 1933 counterparts -- which they were, by some 225 pounds, about 60 pounds of which was due to the Dubonnet "knees." Three horizontal hood louvers replaced the doors used in 1932-33, and wheels were reduced in size to 17 inches. Free Wheeling was optional on Master models only.

The Standard line was expanded to five body styles. Prices were raised by $40 on Standard models and as much as $100 on the Master series. Production increased by 29 percent, with the Standard coach scoring the biggest gain.

The two-door 1934 Chevrolet Master coach outsold every other 1934.

1934 Chevrolet Master and Standard Facts

The 1935 Chevrolet Master DeLuxe had rear-hinged "suicide doors."
The 1935 Chevrolet Master DeLuxe got all-steel construction.
The 1936 Chevrolet Standard and Master DeLuxe used the same engine.

Production figures for the 1934 American Chev
ModelWeight range (lbs.)Price range (new)Number built


Production figures for the 1935 Australian Chev
ModelNumber builtPrice
Master Sedan2139 
Mercury Sedan2804 
Master Tourer213 
Mercury Tourer647 
Master Roadster161 
Commercial Roadster375 
Mercury Sports Roadster294 
Master Coupe538 
Mercury Sports Coupe440 
Mercury Business Coupe420 


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