1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

Figure 5
a.    Natural red cross tracer wire to top terminal on ignition switch. (See figure
b.    Black tracer wire to one end terminal
on light switch. (See figure 5.) 4. Figure 4 shows suggested connections of various accessories.
Approximate Flat Rate Time .4 of an hour.
Procedure for Installing Electric Clock on Deluxe Model Passenger Cars.
1.    Remove clock furnished with vehicle by in­serting screw driver into slot in edge of clock frame to left of setting knob and pry­ing until clock snaps free of retaining springs, (see figure 7).
2.    Place lead wires attached to back of Elec­tric Clock through hole in clock housing and assemble clock to housing. Make sure that the spring clips on the sides of the clock are aligned with slots in the housing and the clock face is right side up, (see figure 7).
3.    Assemble wires in clips on back of instru­ment panel and connect the dial light lead to the instrument light terminal on the light switch (see figure 7) and the clock power lead to the lower center terminal on the battery side of the accessory junction block, (see figure 8).
Approximate Flat Rate Time
Procedure for Installing Electric Clock on Special Model Passenger Cars,
1. Remove nut and washers from two studs on underside of clock hole cover plate. (Keep these nuts and washers to reassemble clock to instrument panel.)
Figure 6