1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

2.    Line up seat cover to contour of cushion, and hog ring front edge as shown in Figure 35.
3.    Pull seat cover down under bottom edge of side panels and install spring clips as shown in Figure 34.
4. Cut back out of seat cover, as shown in Figure 37.
Figure 37
5.    Place seat cover over back rest and line up seams with contour of back rest and hog ring as shown in Figure 39.
5a. Place two 20 inch wires in rear edge of front seat cover and fasten with "S" hooks as outlined on page 10, figure 22.
6.    Place seat cover on seat cushion and line up seams with contour of cushion and hog ring as shown in Figure 38.
Figure 35
Approximate Flat Rate Time 1 hour. SEAT COVERS
Exposabilt Installation of
Front Seat Only (Fiber - Plastic - Rayon)
1.    Remove seat adjuster knob and side panels from seat assembly.
2.    Remove four cap screws from each side of seat assembly which hold seat to floor pan of body and remove front seat assembly from car.
3.    Remove the three sheet metal screws lo­cated at the bottom rear edge of back rest as shown in Figure 36. Remove back panel by pushing down on back panel.
Figure 38
Figure 36