1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

fender skirt using the screws which held the rear of the duct and substitute the two large flat washers furnished. See view at "A." Do not tighten. line up rear end of heater case with air valve on dash. Tighten adjust­able bracket screw, then hex nut, then screws in view at "B" and finally screw in lower bracket in the order mentioned, (see figure 76).
2.    Remove right-hand ventilator valve control cable, also remove the right-hand ventilator deflector and attaching nuts on passenger side of dash. These parts are not required. (See figure 78.)
3.    Remove Glove Compartment.
4.    Defroster fittings; attach defroster fittings and hose as illustrated. The left-hand hose should be placed above the brace rod as shown in view "C." Attach "Y" fitting to hose, (see figure 80).
Figure 75
Figure 76
Figure 77