1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

Figure 80
5.    Temperature control valve; on right hand side of dash, cut holes in dash mat through punched holes provided in dash. See view at "D." Attach medium length control cable to valve and tighten clamp screw securely, cable conduit to be against the stop pro­vided. Install valve as shown using screws. See views at "E"or "F" for optional valves, (see figure 81).
6.    Reinstall Glove Compartment.
7.    Blower and Distributor; attach air distrib­utor to blower with three #6 sheet metal screws as shown in figure 81. Make sure defroster valve operates freely. Punch holes in dash mat for mounting bolts, en-
larging the one at "H" to take the spacer. Slide entire assembly into place and attach as shown in figure 80. The upper mount­ing bracket on the blower is secured to dash with a sheet metal screw inserted from the engine side as shown in view at "J" while the two lower mounting brackets on the blower and the one on the distributor are secured to dash with bolts inserted from passenger side. See views at "G" and "H." Attach "Y" fitting to defroster outlet on top of distributor. (See figure 82.) Controls: Assemble large rubber grommet in dash and small rubber grommet in dash leg as shown in figure 79. Cut a suf-
Figure 81