1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

Figure 103
Procedure for Installation of
Recirculating Heater on All Model
Trucks and Commercials.
1.    Remove Glove Compartment.
2.    Attach the two lengths of hose to the de­froster fittings and attach the fittings under the cowl as shown in figure 105. The 2" hose is used on the left side.
3.    Reinstall glove compartment.
4.    Cut necessary holes in dash mat through punched holes provided in dash panel and install heater using attaching washers and nuts furnished as shown in figure 104.
5.    Attach lower end of left defroster hose di­rectly to the 2" outlet. Attach lower end of right hose to the 1-3/4" outlet.
6.    Install the heater switch in hole provided on lower flange of instrument panel, to the left of steering column, and install and con­nect wires as shown in figure 105.
Figure 104
7.    Drain radiator and remove plugs from en­gine and install nipples at points "A" and "B" as shown in figure 105.
8,    Install water hoses, clamps and bracket as shown, making sure that upper hose at point