1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

1.    Disconnect wires and remove neutral safety switch from lower end of steering column as shown in figure 121.
2.    Place gearshift in neutral position and mount combination back-up and neutral safety switch (furnished) with same mounting parts removed from equipment switch. DO NOT REMOVE COTTER PIN FROM POWER GLIDE SWITCH.
3.    Reconnect neutral safety wires to Power Glide switch. Remove cotter pin from switch.
1.    Run wires through existing clip on dash as shown in figure 121.
2.    Run fuse wire through grommet in dash and hook to Junction Block as shown in figure 121. For hook-up to Accessory Junction Block see figure 121.
3.    Run long wires along inside of flange of frame side member to four-way connector at rear of vehicle. Clip to inside flange of frame in eight places with clips furnished.
1. Locate drilling position on Styleline by meas­uring 23-3/4 inches from center of license bracket to each side of body from the stone guard on rear bumper measure up 3-5/8 inches and where lines cross center punch. From this point measure up toward trunk opening 1-11/32 inches and drill 1/4 inch hole as shown in figure 122. At first center punch mark, drill 1-13/16 inch hole for back-up lamp, as shown in figure 122, repeat on opposite side.
2.    Same procedure for Fleetline except the following:
Measure 22-3/4 inches from license lamp as shown in figure 122.
3.    Assemble lamps to body and connect wires to four-way connectors as shown in figure 122.
Approximate Flat Rate Time .9 of an hour. 986489 GLOVE COMPARTMENT LIGHT
Procedure for Installing
Glove Compartment Light
on All Model Passenger Cars.
Figure 126
1.    Install switch in hole provided in upper left-hand corner of glove compartment with screw provided.
2.    Install wire to clips provided on instrument panel. (See figure 125.)
3.    Connect wire to dome lamp terminal on light switch. (See figure 125.)
Approximate Flat Rate Time .2 of an hour.
Figure 125