1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

plate in exact location on door and hold in
Figure 165
place with short strips of tape (see figure 165).
2.    Center punch two location holes and drill with a No. 29 or 9/64" drill. DO NOT TAP HOLES.
3.    Leaving the paper Template on door (see figure 165), place Bracket and Gasket over 9/64" holes so that Bracket hub extends forward, then fasten Bracket securely in place with oval head sheet metal screws. Care should be taken to tighten each screw only a little at a time, until both screws are tight, to keep the Bracket from creep­ing.
4.    Drill through door with 1/2" drill, prefer­ably of the hole saw type, using the mount­ing bracket as a drill jig. (See figure 166.) HOLD DRILL IN LINE WITH BRACKET. FEED DRILL SLOWLY.
Figure 163
NOTE: Do not use a heavy hammer blow as it will dent the wheel ring. A light tap with the hammer and wood block is sufficient as shown in figure 163.

Approximate Flat Rate Time .1 of an hour. 986407 SAFETYLIGHT AND MIRROR UNIT

Procedure for Installation of
Safetylight and Mirror on All Model Passenger Cars.
Figure 164 Drilling The Door
1. Select the proper Mounting Template and cut out along heavy black lines. Place Tern-
Figure 166