1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

14.  Assemble Spring, Bearing, Handle and Han­dle Screw. Tighten Screw securely. Rotate Handle to see that Pinion and gear Racks move freely.
15.  Tighten Screw "A" in Housing very securely. THIS MUST BE DONE LAST.
16.  Pass the wire from Spot Lamp Handle under the Bracket (see figure 170). Leave a loop of wire big enough to allow 180 rotation of the lamp Shaft. Screw Bracket firmly into place with oval head sheet metal screws.
17.  Drill one 1/8" diameter hole (see top of fig­ure 170), Fasten wire along door face with Screw-on Clip at the 1/8" hole and Clinch-on Clip (see figure 171).
18.  Locate tube Clip on door (see figure 171), and drill two 1/8" holes. Fasten tube clip to door with two sheet metal screws.
19.  Locate and drill 3/4" hole from Grommet, (see figure 170).
20.  Remove cowl side trim panel and drill 1/4" hole in hinge reinforcement (see figure 171) and insert upper tube clip. With door wide open, pass wire through 3/4" hole, insert Grommet in place, and fasten tube in clip.
21.  Replace trim panel.
22.  Run wire along back of instrument panel and fasten to main wire harness with exist­ing clips, as illustrated in figure 172.
23.  Remove screw from indicated terminal on battery side of accessory junction block and install fuse holder as illustrated in figure 172.
NOTE: If car is not equipped with Acces­sory Junction Block, it may be purchased under part number 986395 for 1950 and 986442 for 1951.
Figure 173
Place template, furnished, against left-hand corner post and center punch two screw holes. Drill two 1/8 inch holes and mount rubber gasket and bracket with two sheet metal screws furnished, (see figure 174).
Figure 174
Tighten the nut on the Friction Bracket "J" (see figure 168) to adjust the tilting of the lamp head to your individual driving needs. This is the only adjustment necessary on your Spot Lamp.

Approximate Flat Rate Time 1 hour


Procedure for Installation of Safetylight on All Model Trucks.
IMPORTANT: The truSafetylight is designed to mount on the left-hand corner post of the truck.
Figure 175