1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

steering post and adjust up or down until switch lever turns easily to "on" position while rubber roller is under slight compres­sion as shown in figure 180.
same terminals on junction blocks from which others were removed. Connect other wires to those brought forward from turn signal switch with connectors furnished in
Figure 182
2.    Remove car wiring harness grommet and rework as shown in figure 182 using a round file or other satisfactory tool. Replace grommet with turn signal wiring harness in-therein.
3.    Pass harness along left side of motor com­partment to radiator, securing to existing car harness with clamps supplied, as shown in figure 182. The longer of the two wires from turn signal should be carried across for the right-hand parking lamp, attaching with clips to the radiator tie bar, (see fig­ure 187).
4.    Remove parking lamp bulbs, sockets and wires, and replace with those furnished in package as shown in figure 183. Connect new parking lamp wires with spade terminal to
5.    Install clip on dash leg as shown in figure 183. Run long wire from turn signal down under floor of car and along frame on left side of car using 6 spring clips furnished in package, locate rubber plug in luggage compartment floor behind composition wall at left side of compartment. Remove this plug and replace with grommet supplied in package. Run the wire through this grom­met and connect to left-hand stop lamp as shown in figure 184.
6.    Disassemble natural with black and green cross tracer wire from connector {located in upper left corner back of instrument pan­el). Connect natural wire from turn signal
Figure 183