1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

Figure 232
windshield washer spray hose to end of noz­zle assembly. Push hose down and through hole in cowl, and screw nozzle tightly into position as you would a sheet metal screw.
Locate nozzle outlets pointing correctly, one toward each side of the windshield, (see fig­ure 231).
4.    Remove cap from jar, insert windshield washer valve assembly to grommet. Install (2) short hose to valve assembly. Insert strainer to short hose as shown in figure 233.
5.    Route windshield washer valve hose (short hose) to windshield washer pump, (see fig­ure 232).
6.    Locate and remove mat fastener from fig­ure 234, then install clip and mat fasteners as shown in figure 234.
Figure 233
Figure 234