Greg Wapling

as you've probably already figured out, I have a little more than a passing interest with Hot Rods and modified cars in general. I'm also pretty lucky to have been working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Unix workstations, high performance PC's and LAN and WAN networks for the last 10 years.
The internet has taken up a large slice of my time for the last 3 years, I have been involved in the design and collection of content for my current employers website Department of Infrastructure. And am now working on the Victorian State Government's, Electronic Services Delivery Project, MAXI, this will provide a one stop shop for all State government services by the year 2001, through a presence on the internet with the Citizens Channel, Business Channel and Land Channel and through kiosks to be installed in Post Offices, Libraries and many State Government Offices.


When the opportunity came to develop a site for the ASRF, I jumped at it. A naturnal extension was to create a site for my own club, BAY RODDERS. The Hot Rods Down Under site, is mine for me to play with and experiment with. The DLRA site is the second site I have been commisioned to create.

Sites that I have designed and constructed : -

Each site is a little different, using different levels of sophication, although nothing really fancy (read dollars).

But they all have the one aim, to increase the level of knowledge about what goes on in Australia. I'm not knockin' what goes on around the rest of the world, it's just that I think there's some pretty neat stuff happening Down Under and this is an ideal way to show it.

If you have seen something you like and think I may be able to do something for you, please just ask.

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