George E. "Big George" Burkhart Jr.

(1931 -15/03/2012 )

Land Speed Racing America

'Big George', all six feet ten inches and three hundred plus pounds of him, loved the Raiders and the Dodgers holding season tickets for both teams. Finding him in the crowds at those games was never an issue for the obvious reasons. He was after all 'Big George'.
'Big George' also had a passion for racing; horses, cars, even kids tied together in a three-legged run; whatever- he was down for the action. Beyond his love of being a spectator at these events, 'Big George' also had a distinguished career in the early days of drag racing, and time trials at Bonneville Salt Flats. Running a Deuce Coupe with a blown Mercury flathead, 'Big George' hit an average 212 m.p.h., wearing nothing more than a crash helmet, slacks, shoes and a t-shirt.