Jessi Combs


Date Location Driver Driver Country Vehicle Power Speed over
1 Km
Speed over
1 Mile
09/10/2013 Alvord Desert Jessi Combs Jessi Combs North American Eagle F-104 Lockheed Starfighter jet   392.954  

Jessi Combs has become the fastest woman alive. The automotive metal fabricator and TV personality ("All Girls Garage," "Mythbusters," "Overhaulin'") recently broke a long-standing women’s land speed record by reaching a “two-way” average speed of approximately 392 miles per hour.

This handily surpassed the previous Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) women’s land speed record of 308 mph set back in 1965 by Lee Breedlove, wife of former world land speed record holder Craig Breedlove. Combs achieved the record-shattering speed while driving the jet-powered North American Eagle (NAE) Supersonic Speed Challenger vehicle on a dry lake bed at the Alvord Desert in southeastern Oregon.

On her first run, Combs reached 318.2057 mph within a mile. “That felt so rad. I want to do it again,” Combs said, according to a statement released by NAE.

Combs engaged the vehicle’s afterburner, which nearly doubles the thrust of its jet engine, only briefly during the first pass. On her second run, Combs went into full afterburner and recorded a speed of 369.7983 mph, to achieve the record-setting two-way average speed of 344.002 mph.

But then Combs tried again a day later, achieving 440.709 mph during one run and averaging 392.954 mph.

FIA rules require that a driver make two passes across a measured course, once in each direction, with the second pass completed within 60 minutes of the first. The two speeds are then averaged by officials.

The "vehicle" that Combs piloted is actually a 50,000-horsepower F-104 Lockheed Starfighter jet that was converted by an all-volunteer team of American and Canadian engineers and former military personnel. Next year, NAE team owner Ed Shadle will attempt to break the current world land speed record of 763 mph in the same vehicle.