EJ Holden


Launched 31st July 1962 (sedans and station wagons), January 1963 (utility and panel van)

Price New including sales tax;

$2102 or 1051 in the old money for a (Standard Sedan)


New Lower body with slim horizontally slatted grille running between the headlights; Badge mounted front centre of bonnet with the word "HOLDEN" spelled out underneath and the full length of the grille.


Model Body Style Code Release Date
Standard Sedan - Manual Transmission EJ/215M 1962-07
Standard Sedan - Automatic Transmission EJ/215A 1962-07
Standard Station Sedan- Manual Transmission EJ/219M 1962-07
Standard Station Sedan - Automatic Transmission EJ/219A 1962-07
Special Sedan - Manual Transmission EJ/225M 1962-07
Special Sedan - Automatic Transmission EJ/225A 1962-07
Special Station Sedan - Manual Transmission EJ/229M 1962-07
Special Station Sedan - Automatic Transmission EJ/229A 1962-07
Premier Sedan - Automatic Transmission EJ/235A 1962-07
  Panel Van - Manual Transmission EJ/2104 1963-01
  Coupe-Utility - Manual Transmission EJ/2106 1963-01

Total Number Built;



Engine description: Front mounted, logitudional, inline six cylinder water cooled.
Capacity: 138 cubic inches. Bore and stroke 3.062 x 3.125 inches (77.8 x 79.4mm)
Head design: Pushrod and rocker activated overhead valves with two valves per cylinder.
Fuel system: Bendix-Stromberg single barrel down draught type carburettor.
Power output. 75 bhp (56kW) at 4200rpm
Torque: 120lb-ft (163 Nm) at 1400 rpm
Compression ratio: 7.25:1
Electrical: 12 volt. Distributor is automatic centrifugal and vacuum type advance control. No accessories position on ignition.


Three speed manual transmission
1st: 2.99:1
2nd: 1.59:1
3rd: 1.00:1
Reverse: 2.99:1

Three speed Hydra-Matic automatic transmission
1st: 3.69-3.03:1
2nd: 1.578:1
3rd: 1.00:1
Reverse: 3.57-2.516:1
The Hydra-Matic had four stages or ratios, with the first speed having two stages. This change in ratio on the first speed was gradual and changed with rpm.

Rear axle differential: 3.888:1 (often referred to as 3.9:1)


These figures were sourced when new from various magazines based on test vehicles of the time.

Standard Sedan, 138 engine, manual transmission, 3.9:1 ratio diff
Top speeds attained in gears -
1st: 30mph (48km/h)
2nd: 60mph (97km/h)
3rd: 82mph (132km/h)
Elapsed time 0-60mph (0-97km/h): 18.0 seconds
Source: Modern MOTOR, September 1962

Premier Sedan, 138 engine, automatic transmission, 3.9:1 ratio diff
Top speeds attained in gears -
1st: 25mph (40km/h)
2nd): 50mph (80km/h)
3rd: 77mph (124km/h)
Elapsed time 0-60mph (0-97km/h): 25.1 seconds
Source: Modern MOTOR, September 1962

Premier Sedan, 138 engine, automatic transmission, 3.9:1 ratio diff
Top speeds attained in gears -
1st: 32mph (51km/h)
2nd: 53mph (85km/h)
3rd: 79mph (127km/h)
Elapsed time 0-60mph (0-97km/h): 21.0 seconds
Standing quarter mile (400 metres): 22.5 seconds
Source: Wheels, September 1962

Suspension and Steering

Front suspension: Independant coil springs with short and long control arms (wishbones). Stabiliser bar. Direct acting tubular telescopic oil filled shock absorbers.

Rear suspension: Semi-elliptic springs. 4 leaves on sedans, 5 on wagons, and 6 on commercials. Direct acting tubular telescopic oil filled shock absorbers.

Steering: Recirculating ball type steering box. 16.3:1 ratio. Power steering available. Turning circle 36.5ft (11.1 metres)

Brakes: Single system hydraulic with drums front and rear (drum diameter 229mm). VH44 booster available.

Tyres: 6.40 x 13 four-ply. 6.40 x 13 six-ply option on station wagons.

Dimensions and Weights

Total length: 176.9 inches (4493mm)
Sedan and Station Sedan except Premier Sedan 176.9 inches (4493mm)
Premier Sedan 178.4 inches (4531mm)
Panel Van and Utility 176.6 inches (4486mm)
Total width:
Sedan and Station Sedan 68.0 inches (1727mm)
Panel Van and Utility 67.9 inches (1725mm)
Total height at kerb weight:
Sedan and Utility 58.0 inches (1473mm)
Station Sedan 58.3 inches (1481mm)
Panel Van 65.7 inches (1669mm)
Wheelbase: 105.0 inches (2667mm)
Front track: 54.5 inches (1384mm)
Rear track: 54.5 inches (1384mm)
Kerb weights
Standard Sedan: 2492lb (1130kg)
Special Sedan: 2496lb (1132kg)
Premier Sedan: 2639lb (1197kg)
Special Station Sedan: 2617lb (1187kg)
Fuel tank capacity: 9.5 gallons (43.2 litres)


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