1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

Figure 94
and shut off valve, (see "A" in figure 91).
12. Install water hose, clamps and bracket as shown, making sure that the upper hose at "B" on engine is connected to the lower pipe at heater, (see figure 91). Dimples in air duct are provided to locate position for drilling bracket holes, (see figure 95).
Procedure for Installation of Air Flow Heater
on All Model Trucks.
(Special Instructions for Cab Over Engine Models)
Figure 95
13.  Install stop as shown in view "M" by re­moving screw, place stop in position then replace screw, (see figure 90).
14.  Refill radiator while engine is running to eliminate trapping air in heater system.
15.  Make sure that operating instruction tag is furnished to the customer.
Figure 96
1.    Remove cover plate from right-hand inside cowl panel. Remove round cover plate from the right-hand side of the front of dash and cut hole in dash mat to match, (see figure 97).
2.    Cut two holes in dash mat for water hose
Approximate Flat Rate Time 1.3 hours.