1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

5.    Connect the spade terminal of the long black lead furnished to the "S" terminal of the horn relay. Place lead in four wiring har­ness clips located at right of relay and across top of engine dash. See figure 108. Enlarge hole in grommet for harness and thread wire through to passenger side. Wrap wire around harness one turn. Disconnect the original horn wire connection above steering column and tape the insulator and wire as shown in figure 108. Remove termi­nals, strip wires, splice and tape. See fig­ure 108.
NOTE: If the regular horn is removed, tape individually the terminal clips at horn end or harness and tape lead back to the body of the wiring harness.
6.    Drill a 3/16" diameter hole in the engine dash 2-3/8 inches directly below the lower existing hole in dash. Place the horn leads under the two clips as shown, or remaining lead and clip on vehicles using Recirculating Heater with center mounted parking brake, and secure with the remaining self-tapping screw in package. The spade terminal clips on the horn leads should be connected to the "R" terminal of the horn relay.
7.    Connect the spade terminal of the heavy, black lead (12-1/2 inches long) to the center terminal "B" of the horn relay. Install the large eyelet terminal on the battery terminal of the starter switch.
All connections should be tightened securely.
Approximate Flat Rate Time .6 of an hour.
Procedure for Installation of Coat Hook
on All Model Passenger Cars,
except Bel Air and Convertible.
Remove regular coat hook from above rear side window or door and discard hook and screw.
Figure 110
Open up the special coat hook, insert screw in hole and attach to car using the same hole
Figure 109 43