1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

Figure 214
Procedure for Installation of Traffic Viewer on All Model Passenger Cars.
1.    Remove screw from windshield garnish moulding at either of the optional locations.
2.    Put screw from windshield garnish moulding through clevis and assemble this screw to windshield garnish moulding at place where it was previously removed.
3.    Attach arm of Traffic Light Viewer clevis with screw "X."(See view A-A, figure 214.)
4.    To adjust traffic light viewer for proper re­sults, sit in a normal driving position and adjust lens until serrations are no longer visible.
Approximate Flat Rate Time .1 of an hour. 986404 WINDSHIELD WASHER
Procedure for Installation of
Windshield Washer on All Model Passenger Cars.
1. Locate and drill four holes on left front fender skirt 7/32 diameter at existing four depressions, (see figure 216).
Figure 216
Fasten jar bracket securely with four nuts, lock washers, washers and screws provided, (see figure 217).
Figure 215
Figure 217