1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

3. Remove clip and push wire aside on pas­senger side of dash on Power Glide only; then locate and drill two 17/32 diameter holes from existing windshield wiper tube hole. Cut out dash mat. Reassemble clip and wire, (see figure 218).
6.    Remove Glove Box. Route small diameter tube through windshield wiper motor mount­ing bracket, through the two special clips and to the tubes extending down through wiper pivots. See that washer tube is kept clear of windshield wiper mechanism, (see figure 223).
7.    Cut the longest large diameter tube in half and run one piece from fitting located near­est to edge of jar cover, along wiring har­ness and through upper hole previously drilled in dash. Attach tube to clip and in­stall under dash mat fastener as shown in figure 221, and connect to tee located under cowl,(see figure 223).
Figure 218
4. Clips to be mounted on second   garnish
moulding screws from windshield   division strip, (see figure 219). Place clip on tip of
screw. Back screw out until clip   touches
instrument panel. Hold clip in this  position and tighten screw.
Figure 221
8.    Run the other piece of tube from the fitting centered on jar cover along wiring harness and through lower hole previously drilled in dash. Connect tube to the long fitting on windshield wiper control mounted on the in­strument panel,(see figure 225). Put grom­mets furnished on tubes and insert in hole in dash, (see figure 223).
9.    Clamp four places large diameter tube to the wiring harness as shown in figure 222. With clamps furnished.
Figure 219
5. Cut small diameter tube in half and insert tee fitting furnished in packaged see figures 220 and 232).
Figure 220
Figure 222