1951 Chevy Accessories Installation Manual

The windshield wiper control is your windshield washer control. Push button and release to op­erate washer. Turn knob to operate wipers.
Care and Operation
The windshield washer is operated by surplus vacuum from the engine. For best results re­move foot from accelerator pedal while the valve is turned on.
CAUTION: Great care should be taken to avoid filling the pin hole opening in the jet, partic­ularly with wax in polishing of cars. Keep pin hole opening clean. Do not use other cleaning solutions or chemicals as they may damage car finish or washer parts. If nozzles do not eject a full stream of liquid or if both nozzles are not equalized, relieve hoses of all restrictions. To clean jets take out screw at end of jet and poke wire through pin head opening while wash­er is flushing. Insert screw and tighten secure­ly after cleaning process is completed.
Winter Use
The use of the washer in freezing temperature is not recommended. The system should be drained but if for any reason winter use should be required, a special harmless all season sol­vent can be secured from any authorized General Motors Dealer at a nominal price
with complete instructions on the bottle regarding its usage.
Approximate Flat Rate Time .9 of an hour.
Procedure for Installation of
Windshield Washer on All Model Trucks.
Figure 229
1. Locate and drill all holes as shown in fig­ure 228. Then install windshield washer
Figure 228