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Robert Lingard - 1925 Chevrolet Roadster Pickup

Heres is my 1925 Chevrolet Roadster Pickup that I've recently completed.
It runs a mild 350 and Turbo 400 combination, with a slight change to the norm is the 1971 Series 1 Jaguar independent front and rear ends, including the power rack and collapsible steering column.
It runs a Carson type roof which was hand built by myself to protect the custom velour interior that quickly detaches for fine days.

The fuel tank is a Polished stainless LPG tank mounted into polished hardwood tray. This timber in the tray is nearly as old as the car . It was originally cut in 1934 and used as floor boards of a hay shed. When I started the only panels I had were the cowl, front (1928) guards, rear guards and the doors. The rear guards were widened 4 inches to cover the 255/70 tyres.
To complete the body I had to fabricate the rear of the cab completely, and get new valance panels folded up etc.

As you can appreciate Chevs are exactly thick on the ground here , in fact this is the only 1925 Chev registered in Queensland

Hoping you can use these pics on your site
Robert Lingard

It's Short Finished Engine Bay Front On
Tray and Tank Fool Inside All wired up
Side On Painted Chassis  

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