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Glen Davis
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Glen Davis was a South Australian who built and drove the streamliner Woomera1 in an all Australian attempt at the World Land Speed Record of 428 M.P.H. held by Al Teague who broke the 30 year record held by the American Summers brothers and the aim is to bring the record back to Australia with the record raised to around 450 M.P.H. (720 km-h).

First hand account

On 29/3/19898 we ran 223 m.p.h. in second gear, which was our Fastest run at the lake. Roger and Paul placed the canopy down and I primed both engines. We started  the front one first - 1,900 r.p.m. down to 1,100 r,p.m., 400 kpa  oil pressure, rear engine started - 1,300 then 1,100 r.p.m running alright but DO NOT SHIFT again! We had to stop. Paul came over and re-taped part of the wiring loom. We re-started engines and I moved off. Eased on the throttle, nerves gone, focused on driving. About half mile into second gear at about 3,000 rp.m., "DO NOT SHIFT" again. I tried to shift to third gear but could not. I wanted to shake the wiring but assuming we could get another run I used this run to learn about driving the vehicle. I drove about 1 1/2 miles and could see the timing traps. The car was positioned well, it has excellent stability. I an learning to trust it (I must thank the designer. I added a little more power to 3,600 r.p.m. I was sure I was still in second gear hut I had the shifter in 3rd in the hope it would shift up. AIl things considered it was an excellent run . The car maintained a constant 3,600 r.p.m. for the run, in top gear, this translates to approximately 500 m.p.h. It could have easily achieved the 400 m.p.h. pass we intended. If it had only up-shifted. The rear motor had leaned out and burnt the body in the shape of the air flow; our first scar. I didn't mind the damage because I knew how well the car had gone, 223.4 m.p.h in 2nd gear after only 3/4 of a mile, dead straight and plenty of power . Better than I had planned, I brought the car in and the mechanics left the lake again. We learned that records do not come easy, if we had done it the way we had planned for 10 years we would have had a record. I am proud to have worked with all the team and volunteers that helped us out in getting to the remote and spectacular: Lake Gairdner, with. right sponsors and support we shall be out there again. The end of our run, more season opening rain than they had in 16 years, it left 12" of water in the morning.





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