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The museum is located in one of the old red brick railway buildings near Spencer Street Railway Station, on what is now part of the Docklands site just south of Colonial Stadium. There are 2 seperate buildings one for the actual museum and another for the workshop. It is a fantastic site and gives the ideal backdrop to display the cars. Prior to this Lindsay kept some of these cars at home, but many were stored or worked on a various workshops around Melbourne.

I attended the museum as part of a tour arranged by Bay Rodders. The museum is currently open at various stages throughout the year and by arrangement for clubs etc. There is a $15 donation which goes to charity. This includes a vist to the workshop which I would recommend. Off street parking is available for clubs wishing to secure the vehicles. There are plans to open full time in the future.

Lindsay obviously has a very soft spot for Mercedes, with countless models on display. Plus he has 4 gullwings. There are Jags, Rollers, a couple of Austin Healeys, a couple of very nice old Porches, some VW's and a couple of race cars thrown in for good measure.

The amazing thing about this collection is that all these cars (with 3 exceptions) belong to just one man. Lindsay started out with one truck doing contract transport. He is now owner of an international transport logistics company. Amazing!

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The Workshop

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