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Where George Barris can point to the Batmobile as his chef d’oeuvre, his contemporary, Frank DeRosa, can claim this 1960 Cadillac for sale on as his own masterpiece. In fact, Pittsburg, California-based DeRosa, who was Builder of the Year and has since been inducted into the Oakland Roadsters Hall of Fame, has said that this car was specifically built as his answer to the Batmobile. Starting with an 1961 Eldorado convertible, DeRosa stretched the car to more than 20 feet in length and added a roof from a Buick Riviera, along with a 1953 De Soto grille, 1956 Packard taillamps, the interior from a 1963 Thunderbird, custom lakes pipes and his signature padded vinyl top. The culmination of four years of work, DeRosa originally called it Vendetta, but it has since been nicknamed the Sharkmobile and the Land Shark.

Stretched to 20'7", it features hand-made gull-wing doors, padded vinyl top, special wire wheel hubcaps, headlights, De Soto grille and steering wheel.  Car is all metal and lead, with no plastic used. It includes customized widening and lengthening, is lowered with an upside down '53 DeSoto grille, Mercedes headlights, '56 Packard tail-lights, '63 Thunderbird interior including the wrap-around rear seats, "gills" (louvers) on the sides, a Packard hood ornament, custom exhaust and Lake pipes, T-Top, unbelievable paint scheme and Cadillac stock running gear.
The Shark Mobile has been in many Magazines and a Museum in Alaska over time and is in great condition. This car probably weighs 8000 lbs as it is almost totally lead and steel. Painted in iridescent blue with metalflake and deeper blue flames that are more aquatic and wavelike then fire like. The sharks ominous presence is accentuated by monstrous fins, fenders and skirts that extend six feet behind the rear wheels. As an amalgamation of Lincoln fender components Packard taillights DeSoto grille and Riviera top complete with T tops.

From the seller’s description in Hemmings 2011: This custom, one-of-a-kind vehicle was the BARRETT-JACKSON car of the year in 1960. From its chrome front teeth to its rear fins, it truly represents its name well. Custom-designed and built by Frank DeRosa. Unusual as its name, the independent air bag suspension coupled with its unique interior make this a serious collector’s dream. With a little TLC for the minor body restoration that needs to be done, its current appraised amount is likely to increase 3x the asking price.
It was previously offered for sale by auction at the annual Barrett-Jackson event in Scottsdale, AZ, in January 2001.  The catalog for that venue described it thus: Frank Derosa's famous "Sharkmobile". The car was offered for sale at auction en eBay in 2004.


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Sharkmobile - Chip Lord Post Card 1970's


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