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Hot Rod History

Rod & Custom Magazine


All the historical articles covered in Rod and Custom can be found here. From interviews with legends, to tours of influential shops. Check here to gain some knowledge on the industry.

Rod & Custom magazine

The Car Toons Of Pete Millar
A year ago, Tales from the Strip: The Hot Rod Comics and Drag Racing Cartoons of Pete Millar opened at the Pasadena Museum of California... more
Building The Astra Coupe - The Creation Of Jay Everett's Astra Coupe
In the very early 1950s a proverbial tree fell, but today almost nobody remembers hearing it... more
Dry Lakes Racing History
Southern California's dry lake beds have attracted racers since the turn of the 20th century, but things really exploded in the Thirties... more
More Car Club Memories - Web Exclusive
In 1948 Bill Waddill helped form a local hot rod club partially named for Genesee County where it was based. The balance of the name may... more
Car Club Memories - Web Exclusive
We all enjoy stories from what seem like the glory days of hot rodding and we recently received a book filled with some great stories told... more
The Life of Lynn Wineland
In Rod & Custom's 50-year span, only nine motor-oil-for-blood fanatics have sat behind the editor's desk. As the second, Lynn Wineland had... more
The Pete Eastwood Story
Pete Eastwood lived a mere hubcap toss away from the goings on at Blair's Speed Shop and eventually punched a time card there along with... more
The Life Of Bud Bryan - The Bud Bryan Story
Simon and Garfunkel's song "Mrs. Robinson," posed the rhetorical question, "Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?" more
Blackie Gejeian - The Story
Blackie Gejeian (ga-gee-an) has been traveling the country looking for the crme de la creme for his show held in March since he began in... more
Blackie Gejeian - The Story
Ford Flathead Water Pump History - Pumped Up
"God Bless the Flat Heads!" said the back window on Alex Xydias' pickup. It was the 1952 Bonneville Nationals, and the writing was on more... more
Ford Flathead Water Pump History - Pumped Up
Wally Parks 1913-2007
We can't think of anybody who has contributed as much to hot rodding as Wally Parks, who passed away on Friday, September 28. more
Wally Parks 1913-2007
NSRA Street Rod Nationals History - The Road To Peoria
The NSRA Street Rod Nationals is the granddaddy of events that pulls street rodders together from every corner of the U.S. But did you know... more
NSRA Street Rod Nationals History - The Road To Peoria
Treasure House - Speedway Motors Museum
Inside The Speedway Motors Museum... more
Car Collector Pat Aust Profile - Garage Seen
A Fireman's Full House of Projects... more
Fifteen Minutes with Artist Keith Weesner
It wouldn't be accurate to call Keith Weesner an automotive artist. He's an artist. Sure,... more
Five Minutes With Wally Parks
When it comes to the history of American motorsports, names that immediately stand out include...more
More Than Just Parts
A Little Piece Of Chapter 4 Of "Edelbrock: Made In The USA"... more
Year One Hot Rodders Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund
Year One is accepting donations for the Red Cross to help hurricane victims. Every penny collected will go to the Red Cross, and you will... more
Year One Hot Rodders Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund
1955 Chevrolet Coupe - The Story of the Red Headed Flea
The greatest thing about hot rodding is that every car has a story. This one... more
Legendary Hot Rod Builders
Legendary Hot Rod Builders... more
Rod & Custom Index Page
It's the marvel of electronics! You have successfully loaded the R&C URL from the magazine into your browser, and now you're free to... more
Rod & Custom Index Page
50 Years of Rod & Custom
The First 50 Years of Rod & Custom... more
The Making Of Rod & Custom
A brief history of the birth of Rod & Custom magazine... more
The Making Of Rod & Custom
Rod & Custom April 2003 Table of Contents
April 2003 Table of Contents more
Rod & Custom April 2003 Table of Contents
1934 Ford So-Cal Coupe - Legends Of The Salt, Part I
Probably no race car in existence has been campaigned as long and as hard as... more
so cal
Old Salt
“Why do you want to do a story on me?” That was Fred Larsen’s reaction... more
Wild In The Streets
What better place to meet Krafty Dick Kraft than at John Force’s incredible drag racing... more
Ol' Dad
He was defined physically by his famous sandals, shorts, and black horn-rimmed glasses. He was... more
Al Marcellus
The late Leslie Lovett, one of drag racing’s most creative and most respected quarter-mile photographers,... more
Gene Winfield - Growin’ Up Fast
You know him for his custom car creations and trend-setting painting techniques, but did you... more
In the latter part of 1954, Ford Motor Company's special events manager J.G. Mullaly hit upon a better idea with a brilliant str... more
15 Style Points For Your Next Highboy
There’s no denying that hot rods are largely about aesthetics. The problem is, with a... more
"One Man’s Memories
We love old photos of real hot rods. When we detoured our Asphalt Ego-Rama ’01... more
1932 Ford Sedan - The Ultimate Dual-Purpose Hot Rod
As any rodder knows, a '32 Ford of any body style never gets thrown away.... more
The Jerry Kugel Story
Early Sunday morning on June 5, 1972, I met Jerry Kugel, a pal of Bud... more
Then And Now
When I hired on at Petersen in 1968, I figured every editor would be driving... more
Best Of The Forgetten Rods
We got some great reader feedback to our recent story on “Best of the Forgotten... more
20 Vintage Photos
We knew this was going to happen. As soon as we started running the R&C... more
Flames, Scalames & Hot Licks
>While some might say, “Real hot rods are red and have no fenders,” there’s a... more
A Beginners Guide To Willys
What is it about Willys that makes them so popular? There’s not much logic behind... more
Racing Roadster
It was the era of the Indy roadsters—1952-1964—a time many consider to be the glory... more
October Highlights
COVER SECTION Custom Bodywork You Can Do Lead Work, The Old-Fashioned Way Chop a ’32 Top Hot Looks for Flames How to Prep... more
October Highlights
High, Hot, and Handsome
I've always thought that street rodding could benefit from hot rodding's past--not by living there,... more
Spring Forward
It felt like a fresh start—an all-new show on the same weekend that wrenching season... more
See You in September...
Cover Section–How to Build a Nostalgia Hot Rod ’40s Style ’50s Style ’60s Style Buyer’s Guide: Modern... more
See You in September...
Coming in the August Issue
Cover Story Suspension Made Simple Get the Perfect Stance: Lowering basics for most rods and customs Special Section: Free... more
Coming in the August Issue
In the June Issue
Cover Story Design Your Next Rod: New illustrators reveal what’s hot, what’s not Features Build a Budget... more
In the June Issue
A Brief History of Americruise
Longtime Rod & Custom readers may remember that the magazine spearheaded the first Street Rod Nationals in 1970. For that event,... more
Dick Dean
There's just no debating it: True artists recognize and are usually fans of other artists. Musicians, writers, and actors all have their... more
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