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The Slaughter Motorsport Streamliner will compete under the FIA rules for an outright world land speed record for a wheel driven vehicle. The car is going to run in the 3.0l class for a couple of passes then swapped to the turbine engine and converted to 4WD.

The Australian Record for a Wheel Driven Record of 403.10mph set back in 1964 by the late Sir Donald Campbell.

Trevor’s working toward being the next man to break the world land speed record for a wheel driven car in a vehicle he’s designed and constructed himself in his very own backyard.

“It’s been a dream 30 years in the making,” says Trevor, who was inspired by a meeting with the Australian record holder Donald Campbell at the tender age of ten. “Something just clicked when I met him and I’ve been working towards it ever since.”

With the help of a few mates, construction of a 9.4 metre long, 1 metre wide and 800 mm high wheel driven vehicle has taken nearly six years. Testing will begin February this year on Lake Gairdner SA and later Bonneville USA.

“More men have been to the moon than over 400 mph on earth,” said Trevor.

“But we’ll be going for a new world record. The goal is to reach 500 mph (or 800 kmph) to beat a world record that currently stands at 458 mph. It’s very doable and something that’s kept me focused all this time.”

“The engine (originally from a Chinook helicopter and needs rebuilding after 50 hours of running) is a T55L11C turbine with approximately 5000HP. That’s more than eight times one F1 car,” said Trevor.

“Having full telemetry on the car there is only one instrument in the drivers compartment. There is a huge amount of data collection on the car, in fact more than is allowed on a F1 car. The instruments monitor all aspects of the cars performance, actions and attitude. As the rules dictate there is NO electronic control of any aspect of the car such as traction control.”

“The run is over the measured mile, bi directional and will be proceeded by a five mile run up. At speed the car will cover a mile in less that 14 seconds or a kilometre in under nine seconds.” add Trevor.


Trevor took the streamliner to the 2013 Dry Lakes Racers Australia Speed Week in Lake Gairdner, South Australia and set a new F/BFS (3 litre/Blown Fuel Streamliner) record of 253.700mph. Note this was with the smaller piston motor. After this success Trevour and his team are intending to return to Lake Gairdner in August in attempt at the outright record.

Trevor Slaughter 800 km/h land speed record attempt, Weekend Today, 19 Jan 2013

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